Center For Teaching Thinking And Innovation (CenT-TI) was founded in 2014 and began actively involved in conducting short courses, workshops and seminars for teachers, educators and academicians in several pedagogical approaches such as Problem Solving for mathematics, Thinking-based learning (TBL) and Thinking Routines (for all subjects).

Currently it has extended its activities to more courses involving HOT (higher –order thinking) in the workplace. The unique aspect about our courses is that it focuses on the development of Higher-order thinking(HOT) through infusion of HOT skills such a critical thinking and creative thinking into content instruction in all disciplines of studies and areas of work.

CenT-TI is affiliated officially with the University of Malaya through University Malaya Center For Continuing Education (UMCCed ) in January 2019 and since then had embarked more vigorously on training of teachers, educators and academicians from both local and other countries such as from the Ministry Of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia and Nigeria. More teachers from Asean countries are expected to be sent to our center in not too distant future.

Our center seriously committed to provide quality training in various forms of pedagogical knowledge to all levels of educators in order that it could help the teachers to improve the quality of teaching and learning both at school and university levels. Besides conducting courses through face to face, we also plan to conduct online courses related to HOT for all levels of educators, parents, students and professionals.

Our team of scholars comprises very experienced educators in various areas of pedagogical knowledge, philosophy, assessment and HOT with over 45 years involvement in education.

The ultimate goal of our mission is not just about getting teachers, educators and academicians to guide students to be excellent in examinations. Rather we want to develop a culture of thinking among our society so that they could make wise decision, efficient problem solving and at the same time adopt good values in ethics and moral.


Level 8
Wisma R&D University of Malaya
Jalan Pantai Baharu, 59990
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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