• A member of Critical Thinking Foundation USA and a member of N.C.T.M. USA.
  • Director Center For Teaching Thinking And Innovation ( CenT-TI ) and UM-Cent-TI Project HOT

Previous Experience / Post

  • Advisor Center For Higher-order thinking ( iC-HOTS ), Center For Continuing Education ( ICCE ), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).
  • Senior Consultant And Head of Problem Solving And Thinking-based learning ( TBL ) and Co-Founder, Center For Teaching Thinking ( CTT ), Institute of Education, International Islamic University Malaysia ( 2014 - 2016 ).
  • Conducted research in Problem Solving in Engineering Mathematics and co-instructor in Critical Thinking and Mathematical Thinking at the Faculty of Engineering. 

Academic Background

Electrical Engineering but work intensively in the field of mathematics education

Field of Interest

Higher-order thinking in Mathematics Education and in other disciplines

Field of Expertise

HOT in Pedagogy through Thinking-based learning(TBL), Problem Solving and Thinking-Routines for STEM programs and other HOT programs (schools and universities) and Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in the workplace and real life.

On going Research Work and Activities

Infusing philosophy and higher-order thinking into content instruction and blending Problem Solving with TBL. Developing E-learning programs with various HOT modules (An innovation in education - advancing the state of the art).


  • 41 years of experience in mathematics education, 26 years of which in Higher-Order Thinking in mathematics education and real life.
  • Had conducted more than 800 courses, seminar, workshops for school students, pre university and university students in Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (Mathematics and real life).
  • Had conducted short courses for teachers, academicians on HOT pedagogy and assessment. Had conducted courses, seminars for a group of professors in HOT pedagogy and assessment organized by Malaysian Examination Councils (2013).
  • Had attended several short courses and international conferences / workshops at Stanford University California, University of Massachusetts and Technical University Berlin on topics related to Problem Solving, Thinking-based learning (TBL), mathematical modeling and HOT pedagogy and assessment and had great experience being guided by Professor Emeritus Robert Swartz (University of Massachusetts and Director National Center For teaching Thinking, Boston USA - Thinking-based learning, Professor David Perkins and Ron Ritchhard (Harvard Graduate School Of Education - Culture of Thinking, Visible Thinking and Thinking Routines) and Professor John Mason (Open University London - Mathematical Thinking) and many other renowned professors in mathematics education and HOT in various disciplines.
  • Had been invited to become guest at TV and radio talks (TV3-2002 -15 series, TV1, TV2 and Radio KL (Rancangan bijak Matematik – 64 series, ASTRO, TV3 (2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 and more).
  • The only researcher who successfully blended the idea of TBL with Problem Solving to form a powerful HOT mathematics program.

Level 8
Wisma R&D University of Malaya
Jalan Pantai Baharu, 59990
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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