Higher-Order Thinking (HOT) In The Workplace

Duration : 3 days

Method of Presentation : Workshop and Seminar

Language : Malay & English

Target Country : International

Target Audience : Entrepreneurs and people involve in business

Fees : RM2600 

The course will put emphasis on the use of Higher-order thinking skills such as critical thinking and creative thinking in the workplace. HOT skills such as critical thinking was found to be important for effective team functioning .Research also found that developing HOT skills within individuals in the organizational teams will improve organizational performance.

The three-day course will demonstrate how the application of Higher-order thinking (HOT)in the workplace will lead to better decision making , ,problem solving and skillful prediction on future opportunities of an organization while reducing the risks of failures in implementation of organizational mission and strategies and thus give greater confidence in pursuing and achieving management goals.

Viewing management through HOT spectrum will enable the organization to continually focus on the development of individuals’ thinking skills within the organization rather than merely focusing on the output performance. This is to ensure organizational survival both at the time of tranquility and turmoil business atmospheres.

The notion of metacognition that is thinking about one’s thinking will help the various levels of management and those that form the work force in an organization to work on strategies and planning, with effective monitoring and evaluative mechanism that will help the organization to add values to the services provided.

Metacognitive skills which is a form of HOT will serve an organization not only as tools to assess its competitors in terms of their services and products but also from time to time would provide mechanism to assess its own strategies and performance within the organization so that the full potential of its staffs could be made visible among themselves and the managerial levels for the purpose of improving its output through constantly adding values to the organization.


Level 8
Wisma R&D University of Malaya
Jalan Pantai Baharu, 59990
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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