Seminar on Problem Solving (HOT Mathematics Program)

Duration : 2 days

Method of Presentation : Workshop and Seminar

Language : Malay & English

Target Country : National & International

Target Audience : Students - Primary, Secondary, Pre-University and Undergraduates (Engineering Students)

Fees :
Ranging from RM40 per participants to RM60 per participants if conducted in schools.
RM150 to RM200 if conducted outside or during school days.

The focus of the program is to develop HOT skills among learners.

We believe that student’s failure to understand mathematics is due to the fact that they do not have the knowledge of High-order thinking (HOT). HOT is a prerequisite in the learning of mathematics without which students merely learn mathematical procedures and it would not help much in their understanding of mathematics or engineering mathematics problems.


  1. To help students to view mathematics and mathematical learning in a broader perspectives-that mathematics is not just about numbers / calculation or merely getting answers or solving mathematics problem or working on routine procedures.

  2. To develop mathematical thinking, creative thinking and critical thinking skills among learners so that they can use these skills to solve mathematics or engineering mathematics problems.

  3. To expose to the learners on ‘Learn How To Learn Mathematics’.

  4. To guide learners on how to develop problem solving skills.

  5. To develop creativity and critical thinking skills in mathematics and real life situations.


  1. Mathematical learners will be able to learn a very important skill that is “Learn How To Learn Mathematics”. Most Malaysian students are only exposed to motivation programs which normally are concerned about attitudinal issues and general learning strategies but short of how to guide students on higher-order thinking (HOT) processes like mathematical thinking and problem solving in mathematics. As a result, they fail to learn mathematics effectively resulting in a lot of wasted potentials among learners.

  2. Students will be motivated to learn mathematics since they are being exposed to various mathematical skills such as mathematical thinking, strategies of solving problems and management of mathematical knowledge. As Mathematics is the language of engineering, it is important that they understand deeply the mathematics that they learn in their engineering studies

Level 8
Wisma R&D University of Malaya
Jalan Pantai Baharu, 59990
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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